In a stern announcement, Federal Board of Revenue has asked that Individuals with taxable income must file their tax return by December 8, 2020.

Earlier this month, the FBR extended its 2020 tax filing deadline from September 30 to December 8, 2020.
According to the tax collection authority, the tax return can be submitted via the web or smartphone app interface. The FBR made it clear that there will be no further extension of the deadline for filing tax returns.

The FBR said it introduced an easy way to fill out the 2020 form so that citizens are encouraged to file their tax returns. She added that file providers can submit their data through a “simple wizard-based web interface.”

FBR also cautioned against identifying individuals who have not submitted their returns despite having taxable income. He added that individuals with high spending but low income have also been identified. FBR tweet also indicated that the database contains detailed information on all of these people.

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