Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that women’s financial inclusion is very important in the fight against poverty and therefore plays an important role in national economic development.

Speaking at the Ehsan Savings Walts meeting, the prime minister said that no nation can develop unless it allows its weaker social groups to be strengthened.

The financial inclusion of women initiative, which is an integral part of Ehsan’s financial inclusion strategy, was launched by the Prime Minister in 2019 during Queen Maxim’s visit to the Netherlands.

The Prime Minister said the Safe Wallet program as per the globally accepted strategy that including women in the financial system can help them run independent businesses and save money to overcome economic hardships.

He said the Ehsan program has been recognized by the World Bank as the fourth effective social security measure to protect the poor and worthy people during the corona virus.

Imran said the epidemic has left millions of people in poverty around the world, but Ehsan was able to reach out to the poor by drawing inspiration from the principles of compassion in Medina State.

He thanked Queen Maxima for coming to Pakistan as UN Special Envoy for Development and for supporting the Women’s Financial Empowerment Project.

The prime minister said Pakistan wants to follow the example of China, which has helped lift 700 million people out of extreme poverty.

He expressed confidence that the last step will be an effective step that will help households better manage their finances and meet their crisis needs, as well as invest in increasing their income.

On this occasion, Ambassador of the Netherlands, Wouter Plomp, recited message from Queen Maxima where she expressed his satisfaction with this event.

The Prime Minister spoke with the women who received the wallet and gave instructions on how to handle their complaints.

Ms. Sania Nishtar, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation, said the initiative will lead to the digital and financial inclusion of women and enable them to better take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Ehsan initiative.

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