The Federal Government has established an “Cyber Governance Committee” to implement, oversee, strategy and action the National Cybersecurity Policy 2021. The National Cybersecurity Policy was approved by the cabinet on Tuesday.

In an interview after the cabinet meeting, Federal Minister of Information and Communications Technology Syed Aminul Haq said that $ 1.92 billion had been allocated for a national response to cyber threats.

He also added that strengthening the cybersecurity situation in Pakistan will increase citizens’ confidence in digital solutions and lead to economic prosperity. He said the first goal of the policy is to ensure the protection of data and information on the Internet for citizens, public and private institutions. Data from public and private institutions, their services, products and ICT systems will be linked by the National Electronic Policy.

The minister said that under the policy, a cyberattack on a Pakistani institution would be considered an attack on national integrity, adding that in the event of a cyberattack, all necessary measures and responses would be taken.

A Policy framework will protect the entire cyberspace of Pakistan, including all information and communication systems used in both the public and private sectors.

The goal of the policy is to create a governance and institutional framework for a secure Cyber Ecosystem, as well as a protection and information exchange mechanism (CERT / SOC) at all levels, capable of monitoring, detecting, protecting and responding to national ICTs / CII Threats. Infrastructure, protection of national critical information infrastructure.

The policy will achieve these objectives by establishing national security standards and processes related to the design, procurement, development, use and operation of information systems, enhancing the security of government information systems and infrastructure, and establishing a framework for providing audit and compliance information across all organizations. public and private sectors, ensuring the integrity of ICT products, systems and services by establishing a mechanism for testing, evaluation, forensic examination and certification, building public-private partnerships and cooperation mechanisms through technical and operational cooperation,

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