Total central government debt has increased by Rs3.69 trillion or 11%YoY in November 2020 to stand at Rs. Rs 35.82 trillion, up from Rs 32.13 trillion recorded in November 2019.

Central government debt has increased by 1% as compared o last month. In October 2020, it was reported about $ 35.5 trillion.

Data from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) show that most of the debt was domestic and the rest was foreign. The local government debt was Rs. 24.11 trillion during the month, showing an increase of about 13% year on year, including Rs.19.1 trillion Long term debt and Rs. 5 trillion in short-term debt.

By the end of November 2020, the government’s long-term debt increased by 1.62% over the previous month, and on an annualized basis it increased by 15% to over Rs. 16.6 trillion at the end of November 2019. Short-term debt increased by 4% year on year, while on a monthly basis it remained unchanged from the previous month.

In long-term domestic debt, Pakistani Investment Bond (PIB) amounted to Rs. 14 trillion and National savings Schemes totaled Rs. 3.525 trillion Whereas in short-term domestic debt, market-based treasury bills amounted to Rs. 5 trillion.

The central government’s external debt break-up shows that about Rs 11.58 trillion was obtained from long-term loans, while Rs. 122.8 billion came from short-term loans

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