The federal government has allocated meagre amount in the current year’s budget for the “K4” water supply project in Karachi. However, considering the magnitude of the project, the allocated funds will not be sufficient to complete it over the next ten years.

The K4 project aims to transport 260 million gallons of water from the Indus River to Karachi through the Keenjhar Lake. In the Public Sector Development Program, the federal government has earmarked just PKR 15 billion for this purpose. However, the estimated cost of the K4 project has now reached up to PKR 270 billion rupees, which includes 125 billion rupees for WAPDA, 52 billion rupees for power grid stations and transmission lines.

The Water and Sewerage Department estimates that 43 billion rupees will be required for water treatment and 52 billion rupees for pumping stations to supply water to the city. All these estimates have been revised after PC-1 (planning commission-1) scrutiny.

According to budget Allocation. the completion of K4 Project will not be possible even in next Ten Years period.

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