Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that the government remain committed on revolutionizing tourism and agriculture by modernizing sectors on the latest trends.

Speaking at the opening of the Peshawar-Dara Adam Khel highway and laying the foundations of the Chitral-Shandur Highway, the Prime Minister said that adequate infrastructure and roads will make the connected areas a center for tourism.

Imran Khan said Pakistan has huge tourism potential which, if properly studied, could greatly stimulate domestic and foreign tourism.

He said that the Peshawar-Dara Adam Khel highway will connect to the West and facilitate travel through Peshawar and the surrounding areas, while the Chitral-Shindor Highway, which will later join Gilgit, will open a new areas of tourist destinations for discovery.

He said that the country is blessed with natural beauty, especially in its northern regions, but he regrets that the former rulers spent their holidays in Europe and ignored local tourist sites.

Imran Khan said the properly designed road infrastructure and launch of telecom services will bring economic boom to these areas.

Imran Khan said that Switzerland, the world’s largest tourist destination with $ 80 billion in tourism revenue, is less then the size of northern Pakistan and is no match for its awe-inspiring beauty.


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