Mr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan, stressed the need to use the free zone of the port of Gwadar for transit trade with Afghanistan besides the utilization of ports of Karachi.

On Wednesday, the President made brief remarks on the progress of work on the master plan for Gwadar and the operation of the port of Gwadar.

He said that it is necessary to ensure Increased traffic in the port of Gwadar. He urged the authorities to expedite the development of the port and remove any obstacles in this regard through consensus building and consultations with relevant stakeholders.

He took a briefing by the Chairman of the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Naseer Khan Kashani and the Director-General of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) Shahzib Khan Kakar on the development work in the Port of Gwadar and the city of Gwadar, respectively.

The President said that strategy and vision are needed to successfully complete and revitalize national projects such as the port of Gwadar. He deplored the slow pace of development of Gwadar in the past and stressed the need for the timely completion of all infrastructure and related sectoral projects in the port in accordance with the deadlines.

Mr Arif Alvi was briefed on the 19 km Eastbay Expressway along the port, which will connect to the coastal highway and help move goods without disturbing locals in Gwadar. He was also briefed on the 60-acre free zone in Gwadar, which will include recreational facilities, hospitals, schools and various businesses.

The President expressed his gratitude to GDA and GPA for providing them with the master plan for the city of Gwadar and the port of Gwadar, and urged both organizations to expedite work in the port as well as in the city of Gwadar. He advised both organizations to consider the needs of local fishermen in the master plan.

Mr. Alvi was also in praise of the Chinese government for the construction of the China Modern Business Center (CBC) in Gwadar.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Revenue of Baluchistan Salim Khosa, Minister of Religious Affairs of Baluchistan Lala Rashid, representatives of the Palestinian Authority Nur Muhammad Dumat and others.

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