Pakistan’s monthly textile exports in November 21 totaled a record $ 1.74 billion, up 8% from the previous month, according to the Pakistani Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Value-added textiles grew by over 7% MoM, while sales of ready-to-wear garments rose slightly (+ 11% m / m), followed by exports of bed linen (+ 9% m / m) and towels (+ 28%) .

Exports of basic textiles increased by 9% on November 21 from 2% last month due to strong growth in cotton textiles (+ 12% MoM).

Compared to last year, Pakistani textile exports grew 35% yoy (48% yoy) in November 2021, driven by a significant recovery in the value-added sector, especially knitwear (+ 40% yoy). -year), and then – Bed linen. (+ 40% y / y) + 32% y / y) and ready (+ 27% y / y). This increase is primarily due to a lower base effect due to COVID-19 constraints and volume growth in value-added segments, excluding knitwear.

Textile exports hit a record high of $ 7.8 billion, up 28% year on year (+ 31% in PKR) in the first five months of the year, driven by strong growth in value-added textiles and basic textiles. textiles they are 28% and 35% more than last year.

Pakistan’s Textile Exports are on upbeat track and likely to exceed $18 billion in FY2022.

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