The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has rejected the proposal to provide relief to those using up to 400 units of electricity.

According to sources, Pakistan and the IMF have been in contact regarding the matter of providing relief on electricity bills to consumers. It has been agreed, according to sources, to collect bills in installments from consumers using up to 200 units of electricity on this occasion. The final approval for bill installment collection will be obtained from the federal cabinet.

Electricity bills will be issued, and the IMF will act on the agreement, said the unaware Prime Minister.

In this regard, sources say that this initiative could potentially provide temporary relief to approximately 4 million electricity consumers for up to 400 units, while in the case of relief up to 200 units, around 32 million consumers could benefit.

According to sources, the IMF has also emphasized on cracking down and improving recovery against electricity and gas thieves, and from July 1, it has also demanded an increase of 45 to 50 percent in gas tariffs.

Sources say that the increase in gas tariffs is conditional on the approval of the federal cabinet.

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