• Green Energy Initiative to radically reduce Electricity Bills for Mosques and protect environment

Mahmood Khan, Chief Minister (CM) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chaired the meeting of KP Energy Development Organisation and has asked relevant authorities in the Provincial Energy and Power Department for the timely completion of mosque solarisation projects in whole province.

The session was attended by CEO KP Energy Development Organisation, Energy and Power Department secretary, project directors and other relevant high officials.

Meeting was briefed that up till now six solarisation projects have been completed though PEDO at a cost of PKR 1.05 billion. while the completed projects will save roughly PKR 82million per year.

The committee was also told that in FATA Merged area, around three hundred mosques and other worship places have been solarised at a cost of PKR 3.734 Billion. While annual savings from these projects are estimated at PKR 348 million.

The solarization project will provide Solar Electricity setup to 850 mosques of FATA merged districts, 1,151 mosques of Swat district, 440 mosques of Peshawar and 4,000 mosques of other districts. The project was envisaged around three years ago and significant progress has been achieved. The project is aimed at providing uninterrupted electricity to mosques where worshipers come five times a day. The project will also reduce electricity bills of the mosques.

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