Pakistan earned $ 195.990 million Export Revenue by providing various IT services in different countries during the first month of the current fiscal year 2021-22.

As per the data from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, an increase of 20.22% was observed over last year export proceeds of $ 163.020 million.

During the month of July-2021, the volume of computer services grew to $ 150.450 million as compared to July-2020, figure of $122.280 million.

In terms of computer services, exports of software consulting services increased 434.15 percent from $ 0.219million to $ 0.41 million , while exports of hardware consulting services increased 39.27 percent from $ 38.651 million to $ 53.830 million dollars.

In terms of telecommunications services, exports of Call Centre services increased by 11.80% over the previous month, rising to US $ 11.954 million from US $ 10.692 million, while exports of other telecommunications services also increased by 12. 01%, from $ 29.708 million to $ 33.276 million.

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