Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has released the Industrial Production figures for the month of May-2021 where Large scale Manufacturing declined by 3.9% during May’21 as compared to April’2021.

On yearly basis, LSM increased by 36.8% compared to May-2020 on the back of recovery in economic activity and a low base give lockdown last year.

11MFY21 LSM growth was witnessed at 14.6% YoY. MOI/BOS indices grew by 45.1/29.6% YoY while OCAC increased by 4.2% YoY. Growth on YoY basis was seen in Textile (↑48.3%), Food Beverage & Tobacco (↑14.5%), Coke & Petroleum (↑4.2%), Iron & Steel (↑39.7%), Non Metallic Minerals (↑48.4%), Autos (↑409.4%), Fertilizers (↑13.3%), Pharmaceuticals (↑15.2%), Paper & Board (↑14.8%), Electronics (↑283.1%), Chemicals (↑28.9%), Leather (↑64.8%), Wood (↑126.5%), and Engineering (↑88.4%). Whereas YoY decline was observed in Rubber (↓25.4%).

Automobiles, Non-Metallic Minerals, Iron/Steel and Electronics boosted the overall Industrial Production in the country.


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