The government granted a partial exemption from the 2004 government procurement rules for spot shipments of liquefied natural gas (LNG) purchased by the State Oil Company of Pakistan (PSO) and Pakistan Liqufied Natural Gas Limited (PLL). 31.

According to sources, the federal government made this decision when it reviewed a summary entitled `Partial exemption under Section 21 of the Public Procurement Act 2002, Applicability of Rules 13 and 35 of the 2004 Public Procurement Rules to reduce short procurement times. Natural gas commodity data published by PSO and PLL on 10 September 2021 as presented by the Board of Directors.

As per the details, the Cabinet has asked the federal government to consider granting a partial exemption under section 21 of the PPRA Act 2002 from the applicability of Regulations 13 and 35 of the 2004 Public Procurement to PSOs and PLLs for the purchase of LNG for three-cargo PSOs and the immediate purchase of thirteen PLLs prior to December 31st, as response time is reduced to three days, and a reasonable time period between the publication of the evaluation report and the award of the contract to the winner, to ensure an equal opportunity for potential bidders and ensure that any complaints are dealt with.

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