Pakistan’s Federal Energy Minister Hammad Azhar said Thursday that he hopes local assembly of electric vehicles in the country will begin this year as part of the Prime Minister’s Clean and Clean Technologies initiative.

He was Speaking at a consultative seminar entitled “Expanding Electric Mobility in Pakistan” hosted by NEECA and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the minister said that last year the government presented its first national policy on electric vehicles and announced new incentives to promote implementation electric vehicles.

“The government has lowered tariffs and sales taxes on electric vehicles, which will accelerate the transition to cleaner, more efficient mobility,” he added.

According to the minister, the role of the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is critically important. Consequently, an extensive and easily accessible network of public charging infrastructure was required to support a sustainable electric vehicle market.

He said that we face unique challenges in meeting the goals of e-mobility. “First, we had to provide a reliable source of energy to charge these electric vehicles, which would require modernization of the power system and distribution network.”

He said that the assembly of the electric motorcycle had already begun; However, because it was a new technology and a charging infrastructure was required. Azhar said it was necessary to create a regulatory framework to facilitate the development of electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

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