Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) announced its May 2021 Consumer Price Index (Inflation) numbers which came in at 0.1%/10.9% on MoM/YoY basis.

Country Level level increased by 0.1% as compared to last year and 10.9% as compared to May-2020. Thus Average inflation during 11MFY21 remained at 8.8% YoY (compared to 10.9% in 11MFY20).

Urban CPI increased by 0.2% on Monthly basis and 10.8% on Yearly basis while Rural Inflation CPI changed by 0.0% on monthly basis and 10.9% yearly basis during May 2021.

Food and Non-alcoholic Beverages Index (with weightage of CPI 34.6%) contributed most to inflation with increase of 0.7% MoM (impact of 0.2% MoM) due to increase in prices of non-perishable food items.

Non-Perishable food items were up by 2.15% MoM with impact of 0.7% on MoM basis due to increase in prices of wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil & mustard oil. Encouragingly, Perishable food items were down by 8.51% MoM, having an impact of -0.42 % on MoM basis mostly due to decrease in prices of tomatoes and vegetables.

Urban Core-Inflation (non-food, non-energy) was recorded at 0.2% on monthly basis while 6.8% yearly basis. Whereas Rural Core Inflation increased by 0.3%MoM while 7.6%YoY basis.

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