The Prime Minister of Somalia has expressed his deep appreciation to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and NADRA for their invaluable support in the implementation of the Somali National ID system. He also commended their generous assistance in building the capacity of NIRA Somalia. The introduction of the National ID system empowers NIRA and the Ministry of Interior Somalia to fulfill their mission of enhancing governance, security, and socio-economic development in the country by providing Somali citizens with a secure and universally recognized form of identification.

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre inaugurated the Somalia National ID on September 16, 2023, during the inaugural National ID conference organized by NIRA Somalia in Mogadishu. The SNIDS is expected to facilitate more efficient public service delivery, encompassing social welfare programs, healthcare services, and electoral processes, ultimately leading to enhanced governance.

This system holds the potential to streamline the distribution of humanitarian aid, ensuring it reaches those in need promptly. Additionally, the identity system will promote financial inclusion in Somalia by making it easier for citizens to access banking and financial services, fostering economic growth.

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