Syed Murad Ali Shah Sindh Chief Minister on Wednesday opened the Kalidas Dam in Nagarparkar.

Murad Ali Shah said in a speech at the opening ceremony that the dam has a capacity of 1,012 acres and a height of 13 feet. It is built in the catchment area of ​​the Karunjar Mountains, which can create small dams. The dam was built at a cost of Rs 333 million.

Chief Minister said the provincial government has completed 23 small dams, as well as plans for 26 dams.

“After these dams are built, approximately 80,000 acres of land will become fertile.”

The Prime Minister said residents of Nagarparkar and its suburban villages will have access to clean drinking water after the construction of the Kalidas Dam.

Karoonjhar area covers 400 square kilometres and receives an average of 13 inches of rain during the rainy season, providing a total of 111,000 acres of water. He added that the Kalidas Dam would reduce water shortages in the Nagarparkar area.

Spokesperson to the CM, Murtaza Wahab shared the achievement through a tweet.

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