The National Electricity Regulatory Authority (NEBRA) has approved an Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan (IGCEP) for 2021-30. The plan envisages how Electricity Generation will be next 10 years.

NEPRA reviewed the revised IGCEP and found that, according to the revised IGCEP, Pakistan’s GDP is expected to grow at 5.134% per annum in 2021-2030.

As a result, peak demand in 2030 will be 37,129 MW, compared with 23,792 MW in 2021. In addition, total energy consumption is expected to be 207,418 GWh in 2030, up from 130,652 GWh in 2021. The current capacity of the system will be 34,776 MW. and 61,112 MW in 2030. This includes the current capacity of the system (34,776 MW), in addition to the 22,415 MW projects already completed and 10,062 MW of designated projects.

In addition to the above, existing 6,447 MW projects will be terminated at the end of the IGCEP period.

The Office noted that the revised IGCEP has reviewed a total of seventy-three (73) projects related to a variety of technologies, including Hydel, local coal, imported coal, nuclear power, and other Alternative, including wind, solar and gas technologies. In addition, the accepted projects also include cross-border imports of over 1000 MW (CASA project).

The Office reviewed the list of approved projects and found that the private sector projects with LOS and that PC-I approval and funding for public sector projects were secured in accordance with the provisions of the CCI Decision.

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