Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue has said that electricity prices in the country will not rise in the future.

In his online address on the budget, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said that the Prime Minister has made important decisions to revive the economy and has taken priority steps to increase the value of the rupee.

Mr Tareen has previously stated that they will negotiate with IMF on not increasing the electric tariff which is a pre-condition to IMF External Assistance Program.

Shaukat Tareen said that the corona virus caused difficulties in reviving the economy and that despite the corona virus, the development of the country’s construction sector is possible.

He said more than forty industries related to the construction sector had also revived, with the state of the economy improving and incomes rising.

The Minister of Finance stated that achieving the goals of sustainable development is our priority, and economists were consulted on how to improve the economy.

Shaukat Tareen also said that the economic recovery is a significant development step and that the increase in foreign exchange reserves is a reflection of the economic recovery.

He said that increasing the country’s production capacity would contribute to economic stability, while improving the energy sector is a top priority for the government.

The Minister of Finance also said that thanks to policies that are friendly to farmers, the agricultural sector is moving towards development.

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