Pakisatan’s Foreign Minister Makhdum Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Pakistan has no place in the gray list of FATF.

In response to the FATF’s decision to leave Pakistan on the gray list, Makhdum Shah Mahmood Qureshi said it is important to determine whether the FATF is a technical forum or a political forum. Let’s see if this forum will be used for political purposes. We received 27 points for technical compliance. And FATF has itself admitted that we have fully implemented 26 points out of 27. We have done this, we have made great progress on and intend to do more, and, in my opinion, in such a situation, there is no place for Pakistan to remain on the gray list …

“I also think it’s important to make it clear that whatever steps we take are in our best interest. It is in our best interest to avoid money laundering. We are doing what is in the interests of Pakistan, ”he said.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that some powers want the sword to be hung on the head of Pakistan, and in my opinion, in that case, Pakistan has no place in the gray list.

It should be noted that the Financial Action Task Force had previously asked pakistan to implement 27 points action plan on Money Laundering, out of which only one is left, but the FATF asked Pakistan to do more. Then it was decided to keep Pakistan on gray list along with addition of 6 more points in Action plan.


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