In a remarkable achievement, the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) has successfully finished the construction of the 500kV Thar-Matiari Transmission line in an unprecedented timeframe of two and a half months, fulfilling the directive set by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Utilizing its own resources, the company accomplished this monumental 220-kilometre-long transmission line at an estimated cost of around Rs15 billion.

This project holds immense importance for the future energy requirements of the nation, as it establishes a crucial link between the coal-fired power generation in Thar and the rest of the country. By connecting the 1320 MW SECL coal plant in Thar to the Matiari Converter station, the transmission line significantly enhances the efficiency and reliability of the country’s power transmission system.

The completion of the Thar-Matiari transmission line is the second notable achievement by NTDC this year, despite encountering numerous challenges. NTDC also successfully completed the Polan-Jiwani transmission line, designed to import 100 MW of electricity from Iran for Gwadar, within a remarkably short period.

To ensure the timely completion of the Thar-Matiari project, a dedicated workforce of over 300 laborers, organized into 54 individual crews, worked tirelessly. Additionally, NTDC established a camp office near the project site in Mithi (Thar) to facilitate close monitoring and supervision by the company’s top management.

This successful accomplishment of the project marks a significant stride toward achieving energy security and fostering overall development in the country.

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