Abdul Razak Dawood, the prime minister’s adviser for trade and investment, said on Saturday that Pakistan has become a 4G smartphone exporter thanks to the significant development of Pakistan’s mobile phone industry.

Dawood tweeted,

The Advisor also congratulated Air Link Communications for exporting the first batch of 1,500 homemade smartphones to the United Arab Emirates.

“This is a small start for the company, but it is an important milestone in Pakistan’s mobile phone industry,” said Razak.

Pakistan wants to become a smartphone manufacturer and exporter as global companies enter the country. Fitch Solutions said in a report released last month that it would make the country more self-sufficient in making phones domestically.

Recently, the Chinese company vivo company opened its new smartphone factory in Pakistan, and other competitors such as Xiaomi and Realme are already poised to open their local manufacturing facilities within a few months.

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