The Pakistani ambassador to Kabul has said that Pakistan has discussed the inclusion of Taliban-led Afghanistan in the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan economic corridor infrastructure project.

“Regional ties are an important part of the dialogue with the Afghan leadership and the way forward in economic engagement with Afghanistan,” Pakistani Ambassador to Kabul Mansoor Ahmad Khan told Reuters.

“This important project, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, offers good opportunities to provide infrastructure and energy supply between Afghanistan and Pakistan while connecting the South and Central Asia region.”

The corridor is a key part of the Belt and Road Initiative, under which Beijing has pledged more than $ 60 billion for infrastructure projects in Pakistan, mostly in the form of loans.

Khan said that discussions were held with the Taliban leadership on this issue and other ways of developing the country’s economy.

Previously, representatives from Pakistan, China and Russia met with Taliban officials. Khan said that security and economic development are the main topics of discussion and that these countries look forward to continuing negotiations as a group and meeting with the Taliban in the future.

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