Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government has released a new roadmap to protect future generations from global warming, encourage wealth creation and increase tax collection.

He spoke at the launch ceremony for Pakistan’s first eco-friendly electric bike on Thursday in Islamabad.

Imran Khan said that our electric vehicle policy is part of the government’s green technology initiatives.

Describing the electric bike industry as a future and a positive step, he said that we need to build buses and electric cars so that we can tackle the problem of pollution in large cities where pollution levels have reached dangerous levels. In addition, he said, we are also implementing a tsunami project for ten billion trees and preparing master plans for cities to address this problem.

In terms of wealth creation, the prime minister said that the production of auto parts, including motorcycle parts and other raw materials, is guaranteed locally.

He said that local production is guaranteed, so we can increase exports and solve the balance of payments problem forever. He stressed that he would provide all possible assistance in promoting the automotive industry.

The prime minister said that a map of minerals is being prepared, showing how rich the country is in natural resources.

Imran Khan said the economy is booming and steps are being taken to ensure sustainable growth.

Referring to the austerity measures taken by the government, Imran Khan said: “We have significantly reduced the spending of the Prime Minister’s cabinet and secretariat over the past three years. Our goal, he said, is to instill confidence in taxpayers that their money will be used for their well-being.

This time, Industry and Manufacturing Minister Khosrov Bakhtiyar said the new car policy will be submitted for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers next month. The policy will focus on domestic car production and make the auto industry export-oriented, he said.

In line with the policy on electric vehicles, he said three permits have already been issued, while there are seventeen more factories lined up for licenses. He said that the development of a fee collection infrastructure that provides employment opportunities for young people will also be encouraged.

Pakistan has a well-developed motorcycle industry and expects to export to Afghanistan, Central Asia and Africa, he said.

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