Prime Minister Imran Khan while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Rashkai special economic zone in Nowshera has said that in the past, Pakistan has never paid attention to exports, adding that no country can prosper with Exports growth.

Rashkai special economic zone is part of China Pakistan Economic Zone, where Investors are given various incentives to setup Industries.

“If you don’t increase your exports, the country’s wealth will never increase,” he lamented, adding that sales of wheat and other raw products alone would not boost Pakistan’s Exports.

He said Pakistan should learn from China’s special economic zones (SEZs). He described the Rashkai Special Economic Zone as a “great opportunity” and stressed that the authorities should promote the development of investors’ businesses.

“The more barriers you remove for investors, the more investors will come here [to Pakistan],” he said, adding that Pakistan has not become “an investor-friendly country”.

He said that investors have always been attracted by the prospect of earning money, and this would not have been possible without government measures to ensure the ease of doing business.

Mr Khan said his government is focused on removing obstacles to investors, adding that Pakistan has the potential to be an “attractive destination” for investors.

The prime minister lamented how Pakistani investors are promoting companies in Bangladesh, Malaysia and other countries. He said this phenomenon is due to the fact that the Pakistani government hadn’t removed obstacles for investors.

“We send them [investors] to this office or to this office,” he said, regretting that investors are not treated like VIPs. “The biggest VIP here should be the one who creates employment opportunities for others,” he added to applause from the audience.

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