Mr. Moeed Yusuf, Special Adviser to the PM for National Security has said that Pakistan has the potential to become a regional trade center due to its economic geographic location. He was attending a meeting of representatives of the Institute for Strategic Studies of Islamabad (ISSI), the Institute for Regional Studies (IRS), the Institute for Strategic Research, Research and Analysis (ISSRA) of the NDU University, the Islamabad Institute for Policy Studies (IPRI) and the Center for Space and Security Studies (CASS). The meeting was also attended by Secretary of the National Security Directorate Amer Hasan and other senior officials of the National Security Directorate.

“We must take advantage of our economic position by forging a partnership with the world,” he said, who chaired Wednesday’s eighth meeting of the National Security Committee’s advisory board.

He said Pakistan’s vision of economic connectivity and security will benefit the region and partners.

Moid said that within the framework of an economic security paradigm rather than a traditional geostrategic lens, Pakistan is seeking to strengthen its economic geographic position through partnership with the world. “We are looking for economic partnerships and opening up investment opportunities,” Yousef said.

With regard to regional connectivity, the Advisor said that owing to its economic geographic location Pakistan, has the potential to function as a regional hub and become a centre for trade and economic activity.

“Pakistan’s vision of connectivity and economic security will benefit the region and its partners,” he said.

He instructed the participants to come up with realizable proposals that will lead the country on the path of achieving economic security.

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