In the first two months (July-August) of 2021-2022, Pakistan accumulated external debt amounted to US $ 2.376 billion from various sources of financing, including US $ 363.26 million from foreign commercial banks (15 percent),. Government has estimated a total of US $ 14.088 billion in external loans for FY2022.

Data released by the Ministry of Economy showed that the government has prepared draft budgets for the current fiscal year keeping in view $ 14.088 billion in foreign debt, of which $ 13.871 billion in loans and $ 217.44 million in grants from bilateral and multilateral sources.

External flows for the same period in fiscal 2020-21 (July-August) were $ 2.248 billion, of which $ 149 million came from foreign commercial banks, compared to $ 12.233 billion.

In August 2021, the country received $ 780.88 million from multiple funding sources, including $ 215 million from foreign commercial banks.

Total Foreign inflow of US $ 2.376 billion includes US $ 879.40 million from multilateral sources, US $ 91.90 million from bilateral, US $ 363.26 million from foreign commercial banks and US $ 1.041 billion from bonds.

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