The Ministry of Commerce has decided for the registration of 10 Pakistani products with geographical indication (GI) platform of European Union.

GI registrations will include Mango Varieties, Chonsa and Sundri, Kinnow, Hunza Ruby, Swat Emerald, Kashmiri Tourmaline, Skardu Topaz and Aquamarine, Periodot Stone and Valley Periodot.

After GI registration, Pakistani products will be offered as commodities in the global market, which will help in the promotion of national and international goods. This will also help “Made in Pakistan” products to grow in the global market.

GI law will protect Hunza’s Apricot, Charsadda (Peshawari) Chappal, Multani Halwa, Hala Ajrak, Kasuri Methi, Dir Knives, Swat’s Wild Mushroom, ‘Neeli Ravi’ Buffalo, Chaman’s Grapes, Dera Ismail Khan’s Palm, and Pashmina Scarves.

The registration period of each authorized GI Product will be 10 years from the date of submission of the application for registration.

WTO members are required to protect geographical indications under Articles 22-24 of the Commercial Property Agreement.

In addition, Pakistan will soon achieve significant success in the global salt trade, as the local mountain salt “Khyura” will soon be registered with international trade authorities.

Following this move, Indian traders will not be able to sell Pakistan’s Khewra salt as “Himalayan pink salt”.

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