Mango production in Pakistan is expected to fall by about 50% this year as the crop has been hit hard by unusually high temperatures and water shortages, the head of an export growers’ association said.

An extreme heat wave has been observed in Pakistan this month, with temperatures in the south exceeding 50 degrees Celsius .

According to the country’s climate change ministry, the South Asian nation jumped from winter to summer without surviving spring. More than a billion people are at risk from heat waves in the region, scientists have warned, linking the early onset of an intense summer to climate change.

He said the heat during the flowering of the mango trees had seriously affected production, adding that Pakistan’s mango production has dropped by 50% this year. Although the heat contributes to the ripening of juicy yellow fruits, the premature rise in temperature, combined with the lack of water, seriously affected the harvest.

Pakistan is the fifth largest mango producer in the world after India, China, Thailand and Indonesia. Pakistan’s average mango production stands at nearly 1.8 million tons, but is expected to roughly halve this year, while export target by 25,000 tons from last year to 125,000 tons. .

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