The Prime Minister held a meeting on the progress of the agricultural dashboard and the Project Monitoring Committee, where he asked for prioritizing the timely completion of the agricultural dashboard so that it is fully operational and avoids a commodity crisis in a timely manner.

According to the Prime Minister, in order to focus on food security through real-time demand and consumption statistics, the Agricultural Management Group for Agricultural Products will help the government to identify and prevent food crises in a timely manner.

Supported by provincial governments, Agri Dashboard also provides control over consumer food prices.

The Prime Minister gave high priority to the timely completion of the final stages of the agricultural dashboard and its full-fledged work as soon as possible.

The prime minister said that food security is a priority for the government.

The meeting was attended by Federal Food Security Minister Sayed Fakhr Imam, National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yousuf, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) Jamshed Iqbal Cheema, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, and relevant officials.

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