The federal cabinet, acting upon the counsel of the Federal Ministry of Education and Technical Training, sanctioned the Service Level Amendment Agreement between the Saudi Development Agency (Takamol) and the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission. Emphasizing the significance of vocational education and technical training, the Prime Minister addressed the meeting’s attendees. He underscored the necessity of aligning these programs with global labor market demands, striving to expand employment opportunities for skilled individuals abroad.

In this endeavor, PM recognizing the pivotal role of manpower, urged a swift response to address contemporary skill requirements. He issued directives for the activation of all existing technical education and vocational training centers, viewing them as crucial assets for this mission.

Moreover, the federal cabinet granted approval for a memorandum of understanding between the Area Studies Center at the University of Peshawar and the Central Asia Research Center of Corvinus University of Hungary. Additionally, the cabinet endorsed the name change of Summit Bank Limited to Bank Mukarmah Limited, as proposed by the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Furthermore, acting upon the recommendation of the Federal Ministry of Interior, the federal cabinet greenlit an agreement between the governments of Pakistan and Ecuador. This agreement grants mutual visa exemptions to diplomatic, official, and special passport holders from both nations, fostering diplomatic ties and facilitating travel.

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