Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government will provide all possible opportunities for exporters and it is time to increase the exports of non-traditional goods.

At a meeting on Wednesday to review Pakistan’s export performance, he called for more focus on countries where there is strong demand for Pakistani goods.

The meeting participants were asked to set goals for commercial representatives of foreign embassies of Pakistan and analyze their work so that they can work on increasing exports.

The prime minister said that value-added exports increased by $ 3.8 billion in fiscal 2020-2021, while non-traditional goods exports increased by $ 2.7 billion due to investment-friendly government policies and incentives for exporters.

Commerce Department officials said at the meeting that textiles are one of Pakistan’s traditional exports, but the government is taking steps to increase the supply of non-traditional goods such as metals, food, fruits, information technology and ceramics.

Prime Minister, also chaired the meeting on the development of the agricultural sector, announced for the first time that a comprehensive strategy for improving the agricultural sector had been developed.

The Prime Minister said the Agricultural Transformation Plan (ATP) is the first step towards food independence, and the Agriculture Dashboard would be useful for making timely decisions.

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