In order to mitigate the risks of COVID19 Pandemic and revive the economy, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced Rs. 100 billion worth of loans to youths to fund their businesses. It is the largest funding program for youth in the country, where approximately 60 percent of the population is youth.

The Prime Minister announced two major initiatives for the youth: Rs 100 billion loans for start-ups and 170,000 skill-based scholarships to fund, support and train young Pakistani entrepreneurs. PM Imran Khan said:

“Government is offering a soft loan of Rs 100 billion under the Kamyab Jawan program to help aspiring young people start their own start-ups and businesses,” the prime minister said, adding that it was the “largest stimulus ”in the country’s history that offers support for jobless to start their businesses”.

The prime minister also announced 170,000 skill training sessions, of which about 50,000 will be awarded for latest skills such as emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data.

He called on the youth to take advantage of education based on the skills and technologies on offer by the state, to take advantage of huge opportunities in various fields and be self-sufficient instead of waiting for a public office. According to him, the problem of unemployment in the country can be solved by the private sector or small and medium enterprises.

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