The federal government is all set to unveil the FY22 budget on 11th June where preliminary workings show that the Public Sector Development Budget has been at Rs. 900 billion for the financial year 2021-2022. The budgeted PSDP will be Rs. 250 billion or 38% more than the budgeted PSDP of FY2021, which was Rs. 650 billion.

In the budgeted PSDP, Rs 565 billion is marked for the infrastructure projects, while Rs. 30 billion or 3% for healthcare sector.

The government has also allocated Rs. 50 billion or 5% of the federal development budget to the education sector, Rs 244 billion to be allocated to the transportation sector.

Cumulative Public Sector Development budgets for the four provinces are around Rs 1.235 trillion, leading to a total development outlay of Rs. 2.13 trillion.

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