Pakistan’s Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA) has demanded an increase in Electric Distribution Companies Tariff for the month of August 2021 where it recommends raising the tariff by Rs. 2.07/unit under fuel adjustment.

The National Electricity Power Regulatory Agency will hear a CPPA-G request on September 30, 2021. The main reason for fuel adjustment is generation of more expensive fuel during the month. According to information provided by NEPRA, hydropower sources generated 5,594.30 GWh in August 2021, which is 34.79% of the total monthly generation. Electricity production from coal-fired power plants amounted to 2,293.83 GWh (14.27 percent of total monthly production) at a price of Rs. 9.0322 per unit, while electricity generation using Diesel was recorded at 19.84 GWh (0.12 percent ) at Rs. 22.6251 per unit. Furnace Oil based Electricity production amounted to 1,627.56 GWh (10.12% of the total production), costing Rs. 18.283 per unit.

Electricity production at gas-fired power plants amounted to 1,313.21 GWh (8.17 percent), costing Rs. 8.032 per unit, LNG based production was at -2,895.92 GWh (18 percent of total production) at Rs. 13.441 per unit, Nuclear energy generated 1,630 GWh, at Rs. 0.9986 per unit (10.14%) of total production), and the electricity imported from Iran was 45.24 GWh, at the rate of Rs.12.3557 rupees per unit. Electricity production from various sources (mixed) amounted to 16.98 GWh at a price of Rs. 4.6705 per unit and Baggas based electricity production at 24 GWh at a price of Rs. 5.9822 per unit. In August 2021, wind power was produced upto 549.95 GWh, 3.24% of total production, and solar energy 67 GWh, 0.42% of total production.

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