Iftikhar Ali Malik, chairman of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said on Sunday that Pakistan’s deliberate decision to initiate Barter trade with Afghanistan and Iran would strengthen triangular trade ties and strengthen existing economic ties between the three neighboring Muslim countries.

Speaking to a trade delegation led by Waqas Anjum, he said it was a good and wise decision by the government to allow export-import trade with the two countries to allow state trade in the regions to receive financial support.

He said that commodity exchanges are of great importance for the development of regional trade relations and the solution of currency and other problems faced by the countries of the region.

He said it is worth noting that the Pakistani government has changed the relevant part of its import and export policy for 2020 to start the exchange in a deal that was finalized after it was received by interested parties.

He called this decision a long-awaited event. This is because all relevant stakeholders from the three countries will abide by word and action. to achieve the desired results of economic cooperation and prosperity of the peoples of the region

Iftikhar Ali Malik hopes that a suitable exchange mechanism will be adopted and finalized by the Iranian and Pakistani authorities.

He said that a special desk had been set up at SAARC headquarters to help merchants from member countries. Particularly in Afghanistan, Shahsad Ali Malik, former chairman of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), said that this decision will open up sufficient opportunities for our exports to Iran, especially rice, including glutinous rice. which is in high demand Good tastes all over the world

He urged the private sector including regional chambers of commerce to move forward to take full advantage of this great opportunity.

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