Pakistan Bureau of Statisitcs released the exports data where textile exports for the month of May’21 registered a decline for the second consecutive month, down 20.5% in May’21 compared to April-2021, where value and non-value added exports recorded a decline of 20.0% and 22.3% respectively owing to lower demand in Off-Season.

On yearly basis, Exports in May-2021 marked a growth of 41.1%YoY compared to May-2020 to stand at US$1.06bn, gaining from low base effect.

Overall, 11Months FY2021 textile exports marked an increase of 19%YoY to stand at US$13.7bn with value added segment registering a rise of 24.6%YoY.

International cotton prices remained stable during May-2021 though still at higher side , up by 38% Sine July-2020. Cotton prices are expected to remain high due to stronger demand expectation outpacing supply growth.

As per latest reports, global production next season is estimated at 118.9 mn bales up 5.0%YoY, and consumption is projected to be at 122.5 mn bales up 4%YoY.

Amount in USD ‘000May-2021April-2021MoM11MFY2021YoY
Raw Cotton593-96͘.5%
Cotton Yarn72,08493,565-30%896,034-1͘.6%
Cotton Cloth134,6512,437,183-17.11,716,2161͘%
Yarn  other than Cotton Yarn1,91886,694-44.228,91520͘.2%
Total Non Value-Added208,653255,183-22%2,641,823-0͘.4%
Bed Wear181,000225,164-24%2,472,78224͘.6%
Tents, Canvas & Tarpaulin5,9236,503-10%101,64915͘.5%
Readymade Garments194,817233,780-20%2,706,86714͘.3%
Art, Silk & Synthetic Textle24,50930,489-24%326,15012͘.3%
Made-up   recyles (exclude͘ Towels & Bed wear)48,66559,128-22%676,37223͘.4%
Other Textile Materials41,62651,783-24%569,84638͘.2%
Total Value- Added851,4751,021,770-20%11,106,47324͘.6%
Total Textile1,060,1281,277,454-20%13,748,29618͘.9%
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