Pakistan’s textile and apparel exports increased 28.67 percent to $ 2.93 billion in the first two months of the current fiscal year (FY2022), up from $ 2.28 billion in the previous fiscal year.

As per the Pakistani Bureau of Statistics (PBS), exports of ready-made apparel increased by 22.57% in value and in volume by 21.63% in July-August, while exports of knitwear increased by 34.12%. value and 14.22 percent in volume. In terms of volume, the bedwear posted a 24.50% increase in value and 23.06% increase in volume.

Exports of towels increased by 20.67% in value and 14.59% in volume, while exports of cotton fabrics increased by 24.74% and decreased by 76.51% in volume.

Exports of cotton yarn increased by 67.97 percent and exports of non-cotton yarn increased by 123 percent. Exports of finished textile products, excluding towels, increased by 21.26 percent, while exports of tents, fabrics and blankets decreased by 37.19 percent in the reporting month. Exports of raw cotton over the periods under review decreased by 100%.

Imports of textile machinery increased by 160.5% in July-August 2021 period, indicating that the textile industry has accomplished its major expansion/BMR projects within a few months.

To fill the rising cotton demand and support low cotton production in the country, the industry imported 102,240 tonnes of raw cotton in July-August Period, up from 74,799 tonnes last year, marking an increase of 36.91%.

Pakistan’s total exports increased more than 27.98% to $ 4.587 billion in July-August period up from $ 3.584 billion last year.


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