The Sino-Pakistani Trade Forum was successfully held at the Pakistani Embassy in China. Pakistani products have been advertised in various sectors such as agriculture, seafood, marble, sporting goods and handicrafts.

According to the China Economic Network (CEN), the forum was hosted by the Pakistani Embassy in China, the Beijing branch of CCPIT and Beijing Huiyu International Trade Co. Ltd.

Ahmed Farooq, Deputy Head of the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing, highlighted the importance of trade and investment cooperation between the two countries and briefed Chinese investors on Pakistan’s favorable investment policy.

Hanif Lakhani, vice president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), said China has become a role model for developing countries and an important partner in Pakistan’s economic development.

Commercial Advisor Bader uz Zaman explained the investment policy supported by the Pakistani government, high consumer demand in the country and the advantages of manufacturing in Pakistan.

He added that exports to china increased by 34%, the largest annual increase in Pakistani exports to China. Thanks to the second phase of the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement, almost 90% of the market was opened on both sides.

Whereas the second phase of the Sino-Pakistani Free Trade Agreement added 313 new duty-free goods to the Chinese market, worth US $ 8.4 billion, or about 50% of Pakistani exports,

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