The United States of America (USA) remained the main Exports market for Pakistan in the fiscal year 2020-2021, along with UK and China.

Total exports to the United States in July’2020-June’2021 amounted to USD 5.029 billion compared to USD 3.915billion in July-June (2019-2020), an increase of 28.45 percent for the period under review as reported by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

It was followed by the United Kingdom, where Pakistan exported $ 2.047billion in goods, up from $ 1.638billion last year, up 24.93 percent.

SBP data showed China is the third-largest export destination, with Pakistan’s exports of $ 2.043billion in fiscal year compared to $ 1.663billion last year, an increase of 22.79%.

The data showed that exports from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates totaled $ 1.487billion to other countries, up from $ 1.588 billion last year, down 6.36%, while exports to Germany were $ 1.511billion, up from $ 1.302billion.

In July-June (2020-2021), exports to Afghanistan amounted to US $ 983.295 million versus US $ 890.052 million, while exports to the Netherlands amounted to US $ 1118.093 million versus US $ 982.263 million.

Pakistan’s exports to Spain reached $ 801.778 million versus $ 870.920 million, while exports to Italy reached $ 773.425 million versus $ 751.921 million.

Similarly, exports to Bangladesh totaled US $ 615.212 million over the reporting period versus US $ 695.102 million, while exports to France reached US $ 435.453 million versus US $ 422.144 million.

Pakistan’s exports to Singapore totaled US $ 183.156 million versus US $ 178.556 million in the previous fiscal year, while exports to Canada reached US $ 311.795 million versus US $ 270.138 million in last year, and to Saudi Arabia – US $ 465.790 million versus US $ 454.420 USD million in the previous year. US dollars for export. India – $ 3.39 million in the fiscal year, down from $ 28.644 million last year.

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