Pakistan is ranked 30th among the countries with a large number of cases detected since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic as more than 15,000 coronavirus cases emerged over last week, according to the global ranking.

To date, the country has reported less than a million cases (989,275), of which 22,781 have died, while India has reported the second-highest number of cases (over 31 million) after the United States, with over 34 million cases have been reported.

Although the Pakistan Medical Association noted that the Covid-19 situation in Pakistan will worsen as cases rise, it stated in a statement that the delta variant of the virus is the worst and again asked the masses to follow strict Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for coronavirus.

Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, secretary-general of the Pakistan Medical Association, said the country is already threatened with a fourth wave, while PMA has asked the public to follow normal operating procedures because failure to do so could be dangerous for the country.

Since the outbreak of the disease, more than 190 million people worldwide have been infected.

Brazil came in third with over 19 million cases, while France, Turkey, and the UK reported over five million cases. Iran ranks 13th with over 3.5 million cases. Indonesia ranked 15th with 2.8 million cases, Bangladesh 26th with over 1.1 million cases, the United Arab Emirates 40th with 0.66 million cases, and Saudi Arabia 45th with 0.5 million cases.

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