A breakdown of the statistics shows that 232,749 out of those who left the country in the period under review were laborers while 118,172 were drivers. Those who left the country also included 5,589 engineers, 5,216 accountants, 2,261 doctors, and 1,012 teachers.

The occupational group-wise breakdown issued by the bureau shows that out of those who left, 15,052 were highly qualified, 31,130 were highly skilled, 197,719 were skilled, 57,516 were semi-skilled, while the vast majority i.e. 238,865 were unskilled.

Out of the total, 251,655 workers moved to Saudi Arabia, 147,960 to the United Arab Emirates, 39,901 to Oman and 39,479 Pakistanis left the country for Qatar. Other notable countries on the list include Malaysia (17,647), Bahrain (8,518), Romania (4,175), Greece (2,623), and Iraq (2,373).

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