A video of actor and singer Tipu Sharif insulting administration officials have gone viral after stray dogs were killed by the administration in Karachi.

Last night, the actor posted a short live video on Facebook, in which Tipu Shaif can be seen crying over the death of a dog killed by the Karachi administration. He is also seen angrily insulting and verbally abusing administration officials.

Tipu Sharif has been seen crying and furious over the death of dogs poisoned by the administration, which he recently began to care for.

Actor Tipu Sharif, who lives in the luxurious Clifton neighborhood of Karachi, has begun caring for the stray dogs that were poisoned by the management team during the operation last night.

The Sindh government and the city of Karachi have been conducting an operation to kill stray dogs over the past two years, ordered by the Sindh High Court.

To date, dozens of stray dogs have been killed and dozens of dogs have been killed last night during the administration’s operation, including those recently rehabilitated by Tipu Sharif.

However, it is possible that the dogs, taken under the protection of the actor, died when they left the house on the street, after consuming the poison thrown by the administration. They also insult the administration on the air.

The video, which is less than ten minutes long, shows Tipu Shah crying over the death of stray dogs, while at the same time he can be heard insulting the administration.

The video of the actor insulting the management went viral on social media.

Later, the actor shared another video in which he was seen in a car with dead dogs.

In the video, the actor said that God would create a special hell for Muslims, who ruthlessly kill animals, into which such oppressors would be thrown.


Recall that the civilian administration of Karachi has been carrying out an operation to eliminate stray dogs since 2019 on the orders of the Sindh High Court.

The court ordered all District Municipal Corporations (DMCs) in Karachi to kill stray dogs after asking about the unavailability of a dog bite vaccine in the province.

The Sindh government has launched an operation to kill stray dogs in other cities in the province, following a court order.

Dozens of people come to the hospital every day after being bitten by stray dogs throughout Sindh, and sometimes some people die for lack of vaccines.

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