Pakistn’s super actress Nadia Jamil has expressed her desire to return to the screen after defeating cancer.

Nadia Jamil was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020 and moved to the UK for treatment. Nadia Jamil underwent surgery on April 7 after being diagnosed with cancer, and then underwent chemotherapy the next month. She shaved his head due to hair loss during chemotherapy and shared videos and photos of shaving on social media. Her condition worsened during chemotherapy, but she later recovered and posted on social media in July that she had beaten cancer.

After defeating cancer, he first complained of diabetes, but later confirmed that she was cured of it. She recently expressed this desire in his social media posts. Nadia Jamil shared photos on her tweet and Instagram post on January 10, 2021, telling fans that the hair she lost due to cancer are now growing.

She also thanked God for defeating an incurable disease like cancer and said that as his hair grows, there is a desire in her heart to return to the screen. She wrote in her post that cancer taught her, including thanks, that everyone is his best friend. Nadia Jamil wrote that now, although her hair is constantly growing, she will never forget the hard and painful time of shaving. She praised herself for his courage and wrote that she fought and conquered diseases such as cancer and diabetes during the corona epidemic.

Nadia Jamil wrote that every brave person is a blessing for themselves, at the same time she wrote that now they are very happy and with every breath they feel life and happiness. She also expressed her good wishes and love to the fans. Before posting, she also said goodbye to cancer and welcomed New Year in a New Year’s tweet. In her tweet, Nadia Jamil also thanked God for recovering from a disease such as cancer and wrote that she will never forget a difficult time.

Although Nadia Jamil has expressed a desire to return to the screen, there is no news that she will soon appear in a drama or film. Nadia Jamil last appeared in the drama “Damsa” in 2019, she showed the essence of brilliant acting in dozens of popular dramas, and also hosted a TV show. It is believed that Nadia Jamil will return to the screen soon and possibly announce a new plan in the next 3 months, but it is too early to say anything about this.

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