The Canadian government has announced that it will temporarily stop flights from India and Pakistan for the next 30 days as a tough measure to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

The decision was taken by the government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after opposition politicians in Canada criticized Ottawa’s lack of response in combating the third wave of the pandemic.

The ban will officially go into effect on Friday at 11:30 pm. (Pacific Standard Time).

India is currently going through its most dangerous wave of COVID19 where daily coronavirus infection rate increased to 314,835, while many questions the country’s public health sector’s ability to handle the unprecedented burden.

As per the Canadian Health Ministry officials, Indian citizens account for 20% of all international arrivals while Indian Nationals are counted as more than 50% of positive tests conducted by Canadian airport officials.

While in Pakistan, Daily COIVD cases have increased to 5,800 and deaths of 141 were recorded on Thursday. Paksitan is currently going through Third Wave of COVID19 where infections have surged, while Government is contemplating to take stricter measures to control the pandemic.


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