The official song of the sixth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) ‘Groove Mera’, which was launched on released two days ago, is being taken with a lot of criticism as music fans are outraged.

A 4-minute video for the official PSL 6 song was released on February 6 and went viral.

The PSL anthem was performed this year by legendary singers Nasebo Lal and Aima Baig, as well as members of the hip-hop group Young Stunners, given the popularity of sports and songs among the younger generation.

Last year, PSL Five’s song “Tayyar Hain” was also criticized, but after listening to Nasibo Lal and Aima Baig’s song “Grove Meera”, most fans liked the song from last season.

After listening to the PSL 6 anthem, many fans praised Ali Zafar’s songs during the first three seasons of PSL and wrote that until now no one could compose songs like him and most fans played cricket with Ali Zafar. He also demanded the release of a song for the Super League.

After that, various PSL-related hashtags also became popular on social media and a large number of users criticized it.

Actor Mirza Gohar Rashid and actress Mahesh Hayat tweeted in response to criticism of the PSL 6 anthem.

Actor Gohar Rashid said: “Groove Meera is a good song for the stadium. I like this song”.

Actress Mehiwish Hayat also took to Twitter to air her opinion. She said that this criticism needs to be stopped, different voices and ideas are needed.

On the other hand, former fast bowler of the Pakistani cricket team Wasim Akram also tweeted the PSL 6 anthem yesterday.

Wasim Akram tweeted what do you think of the sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League? However, he wrote that remember, it’s just a song.

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