Actress and presenter Nadia Khan’s husband, Faisal Mumtaz has said that the actress set two conditions for marriage, and he met these conditions with great difficulty.

Faisal Mumtaz and Nadia Khan confirmed the marriage on January 2, 2021, and shared wedding photos the next day, and later, on January 10, they also shared photos and videos of the wedding.

Now, for the first time, she spoke frankly with her husband, Faisal Mumtaz, about their love and marriage in a YouTube video, and how she fell in love and got married in just 4 months.

Referring to the first meeting, Nadia Khan’s husband said that when he was driving from Punjab to Karachi, a female friend who was also Nadia Khan’s friend gave him a package and asked him to hand her over to Nadia Khan.

According to Faisal Mumtaz, when he took the package to Khan’s house, he thought he would leave 10 minutes after the package was delivered, but that 10 minutes turned into three hours. I just fell in love

Faisal Mumtaz said that although he fell in love with Nadia in the first meeting, but in the subsequent first official meeting, Nadia Khan also fell in love with him.

According to Nadia Khan, when she learned that Faisal Mumtaz was a captain in the Air Force, she died for him because she loved soldiers since childhood.

They said that since their hometown is the same and they have the same past, their love grows every day.

Nadia Khan said that Faisal’s father Mumtaz worked in the day-to-day business of Pakistan Television (PTV) and the actress’s father is a former soldier, so they got closer.

Faisal Mumtaz said that although he fell in love with Nadia, it was difficult for him to express it, but one day he dared and called Nadia Khan, and that night they both called at 9 in the morning.

According to Faisal Mumtaz, he has also offered Nadia Khan to marry over the phone, and Nadia Khan immediately agrees, but has offered two conditions for marriage.

Nadia Khan said she made it conditional on children and adults agreeing to marry, because they both have children and they both have parents and do not want to marry without their consent.

According to Faisal Mumtaz, the two started working on compliance and first started talking to the kids on their cell phones, then started a series of video calls, after which both of them told their kids about the marriage.

Nadia Khan said that Faisal Mumtaz has an 18-year-old son, Hani, from his first marriage, who moved to the United States for higher education after his marriage.

The actress said her eldest daughter Alise is also 18 years old, her second son Azan is 12 years old, and her younger son Keanu is 1.5 years old.

The artist said that after the approval of the children, they honored their parents, the first of which was Faisal Mumtaz, who honored his mother, then Nadia Khan honored his father, and both of them were fortunately satisfied.

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