The federal government has revised the Islamabad Master Plan Commission for its review.

The Interior Ministry has made addition of General Farrukh, Brigadier (retired) Tipu Sultan, Murad Jamil and Sikander Ajam.

As per the sources, the Interior Ministry, at the request of Capital Development Authority, has finalized the names of the members for the establishment of an commission to review unauthorized informal housing schemes.

General Farrukh will head the committee, and Brigadier Tipu Sultan, Murad Jamil and the Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Council of Architects and Urban Planners, the Chairman of CDA Planning and one public and private sector expert are members of the Commission.

The said commission on Regularization of Unauthorized Informal Housing Systems advises and develops effective policies to address the problems of unauthorized / informal housing systems in the Second, Fourth and Fifth Districts.

According to sources, the body acts as a consultant and advises on how to deal with the problem of illegal housing associations.

The Office of Capital Development Authority will provide secretarial and logistical support, and its members receive honoraria that can be determined and paid by the federal government from the Office’s budget.

According to the sources, the Commission will imposee fine, as well as recommended the necessary disciplinary measures for officials, and also recommended a solution to the problem of illegal use of countries in which these systems exist, and recommended changes to the applicable legislation.

Fines will be levied for violations that may include misuse, use of gardens or open spaces, cemeteries, buildings, lack of entry or width of internal roads below the required design standard, and the amount of the imposed fine must be deposited. With a CDA account.

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