The High Court of Sindh (SHC) in a hearing to fix the price of Milk as asked the Karachi commissioner for a plan to set official rates of milk in the city.

A bench of two judges, composed of Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Judge Amjad Ali Seth, heard a petition against the sale of milk at an official price.

Additional commissioner Karachi appeared in court and said that Milk Association is to be blamed for the stubbornness of the keeping high prices. Karachi’s commissioner, who expressed helplessness in court, said Milk Association was not following the government’s Prices despite raids taking place against mil shop owners.

Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar said: What measures are being taken against wholesalers? The Additional Commissioner for Karachi said that Milk Association was an obstacle. The standard of fruits and vegetables is growing every day and we follow this procedure. The court asked the deputy commissioner, tell me what rate was set? The official said that the official price of milk is 94 rupees per kg.

Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar made comments, but at what price milk is being sold in the city? A spokesman for the commissioner in Karachi said Rs. 130 per litre. Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar said that what have you done till now on this issue? A spokesman for the commissioner in Karachi said that 1,000 shop owners had been fined since January.

The judges panel commented that Punjab’s Food Authority performance is much better than Sindh’s. You feed contaminated milk, eggs and dead chicken to the citizens of Karachi. No one in the Punjab dares to sell dirty milk and eggs, dead chickens, dead animals fed in Karachi.

Court adjourned the hearing till June 10th and asked Milk Association representatives to appear in next hearing.

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