Pakistan’s emerging actress Maryam Ansari has married Owais Khan who is son of former national cricketer Moin Khan.

Moin Khan’s son Owais Khan shared videos and photos of the wedding and other wedding ceremonies on February 8th on his Instagram Stories, suggesting that their wedding took place on the night of February 7-8.

On February 7, he shared a story in which he told relatives and close friends that he would show his wedding ceremony live on Instagram. He told friends and family that those who could not attend the wedding ceremony could watch their marriage live.

Source: Instagram

They later also broadcast the wedding live and on the occasion of the wedding could be happily seen in cream colored clothing.

Owais Khan also shared other photos of the wedding ceremony and also shared a short video of his wife dancing at the wedding.

The couple’s wedding photos went viral on social media and were congratulated by sharing their wedding photos on various social media platforms.

Source: Instagram

Surprisingly, actress Maryam Ansari did not share any videos or photos of the wedding, but it is believed that soon she will also share photos or videos from the wedding.

Even before Maryam Ansari, many showbiz figures got married quietly or simply, and since last year the tradition of simple marriages between showbiz representatives has grown.

Since the COVID19 lockdown imposed in March last year, many showbiz and celebrities have quietly held wedding ceremonies, and Maryam Ansari, like other celebrities, just got married.

After the photos and videos of the wedding were released, fans of the actress congratulated her and wished her a happy new life.

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